The Age of Aluminum

The history of aluminum was modest but this metal was once considered more rare and precious than gold or silver. It was first used as tanning agents, fabric dying and was also used for fire proofing Aluminum is a silvery-white metal, which takes up 8% of the earth’s crust by mass; this mineral is the world’s most abundant metal and can be spread into thin sheets. This is why this metal is usually used in soda cans and other packaging materials, because it is generally durable and weighs less than other metals; it is also used in the production of cars and planes. The metal is also easy to mold, fold and can resist corrosion, it is also easy to recycle so it can be reused and manufactured for other purposes.

Aluminum can be used in many different ways from household materials, like door knobs, kitchen wares and toasters to industrial construction like building bridges and in high rise buildings, because they require low maintenance and can be bought in a much cheaper price compared to other metals like iron.

The usage of this metal as a “soda can” was first discovered in the 1950’s when Coors Brewing Co., popularized the aluminum can with a pop-top lid. It was then an innovative and was a way to minimize the cost to recycle. In recent years the use of aluminum in phones was recognized by Steve Jobs, creating a thin, light product line of laptops (MacBook Air) and phones (IPhones)

Analysis on Aluminum

UC Rusal (Russia) is the top producer of aluminum of producer up to date, although it has experienced a 7% drop in production, the company delivered over 3.6 million tons of the metal or 6.7% of the total global output in 2014.
Alcoa (Aluminum Company of America) is the leading manufacturer of aluminum and has a ticker symbol AA, and last Friday of this year Alcoa was under pressure because it was experiencing a low on market shares falling as much as 2.10% to a low of $9.31. Recently the company proposed a business split with the joint partner Alumina Limited which was also a manufacturer of lightweight metals and materials. Both companies have an amiable partnership, with 60%/40% agreement involving bauxite and aluminum mining operations. In conclusion ALCOA’s stock closed in $9.35 and was down by 1.68% in the S&P index implying a 12.30% rise from current levels.