Trading the Shiny Goods: Precious Metals

Since time immemorial, both gold and silver have come to known as the most valuable among metals. Even until now, the precious metals have found themselves inside the portfolio of knowledgeable investors. The question is which among the precious metals is ideal for investment purposes and why are they unpredictable? If this is your first time to engage in precious metals, take the time to read and familiarize yourself with these metals, how they work, and how to invest in them. This is not only limited to novice traders, veterans can also review and brush up their knowledge.

The Precious Metals - Big Boss Gold

The first one on the list is the famous metal, gold. What sets this metal apart from others is not just the allure and shine it emits, but its durability which prevent rust and corrosion, malleability, and lastly the ability to conduct heat and electricity.
Gold’s value is monitored and determined by markets 24 hours a day, almost seven days a week. This precious metal is primarily traded and functions as a sentiment. An interesting thing to note is that its price is not completely affected by the basic law of supply and demand.

Second to none Silver

Between gold and silver, the latter’s price has the tendency to fluctuate between its role on store value and its other role as an industrial metal. It is for this reason alone that the silver markets are more volatile than that of gold.
Despite silver being traded on the same level as gold, in terms of investment demand, the supply and demand on the industrial level for this precious metal exercises an equal influence on its price.

Uncommon Platinum

Similar to gold and silver, platinum is another precious metal that is traded on a round the clock basis in commodity markets. However unlike gold and silver, platinum fetches a much higher price during times when there is both market and political stability. This is because the metal is scarce with small amounts being unearthed.

Platinum and silver share a common trait in that they are both categorized as industrial metals with the former’s biggest demand falling under the automotive industry, which makes its prices greatly determined by the sales of these automobile parts. Second catalyst for platinum’s price is jewelry.

These precious metals prove useful and are an effective way to add a little diversification to investor’s portfolio. A tip with them is to set your goals, know them, as well as the risk that comes with each before investing in them.