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ITRADER a Reliable & Trusted Broker, not Scam Company

Before beginning to make claims that the company ITRADER is a scam you may want to first look into what a scam is.
As far as other markets are concerned, a Forex scam involves the failure to return money that is owed to traders, which can come in the form of withdrawal of funds or the termination of an account, the absence of transparency regarding the prices and how transactions are carried out. Another would be the disregard for customer complaints and the lack of, if any at all, feedback regarding the status of their account and the money held within. Lastly, scams were designed to target those who were vulnerable to the market, such as those who aren’t familiar with it.

Now that we have established the definition of what a scam is for the market, let us take a look if ITRADER fits the criteria.

The Allure of high profits

Brokers who are only in it for fooling people usually promise high returns, which in turn draws people in. This alone is already a sign of a Forex scam. ITRADER constantly reminds their traders of the risks that come with trading in the Forex market.


Always look if your broker is regulated by the appropriate authoritative body within your region. A lack of regulatory proof can mean that you are not completely protected.
ITRADER is owned by the Hoch Capital Ltd and is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with license number 198/13 and operates in accordance to the rules set by the MiFID in the European Union.

Education and Training Center

Whether you’re a novice or veteran trainer, it is always a must to come prepared with the knowledge you will need to perform trades. Most brokers who are simply in it for the profit could care less if their traders are ill-prepared so long as they are able to make money out of them.
ITRADER’s site has an education center equipped with the necessary tolls traders of all levels will need to hone and practice their skill in trading. Samples of material found in the education center are e-Books, courses, tutorials, FAQs, and articles.

Safety of Funds and Security

ITRADER is dedicated to keeping your hard earned money safe as it is the underlying guideline of the company. Providing a safe and secure system for our partners is very crucial to us which is why the deposit and withdrawals of trader’s funds is to be done with the utmost security measures.

Rest assured that ITRADER is equipped with secure connection such as sophisticated firewalls as well as Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encryption and safeguards all data that is transmitted to and from the company’s servers.
Apart from this all of the company’s servers are working from SAS 70 certified server centers with any and all data flow from the site being encrypted.

Human Interaction

Despite the broker being online in nature, ITRADER has not completely abandoned the human aspect of its business. The company has provided the address of its office on the website along with the contact details of their customer support that are ready to provide assistance to traders who run into any contingencies along the way.
Take the time to visit and study the platform before making claims the company is a scam or a fraud.