The Education Center of iTrader Company

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

Education is the best asset anyone can have. When trading, traders should know the importance of a well-informed action with each trade as trades based on impulse and emotions alone can often lead to very undesirable results.


ITRADER is a company that strives for its clients to make the most out of trading with them. The company’s site has an Education Center which gives users extensive and useful learning tools for both novice and experienced traders. eBooks, V.O.D.s, courses articles and tutorials available within the site are all available for free.

eBooks, provided by ITRADER, offer a wide range of topics that include the psychology and behavior of traders, essential concepts and terms, trading tips, the practice of basic and important trading techniques and how to use trading tools.

The V.O.D.s and courses offered by the company feature videos which are organized neatly for new users to get the hang of some strategies, trend analysis and market prediction.

The tutorials section features tutorials on how to use the MetaTrader 4 Platform and its mobile counterpart.

For further terminologies that new users might find alien to them, ITRADER has provided a glossary page for reference purposes. For any added concerns that may arise, they have also set up a FAQ page.